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Trees and shrubs are huge assets to your landscape. They not only improve the aesthetic environment, but also save you money on cooling in the summer, add to the resale value of your home, act as natural sound barriers, produce clean air and oxygen, combat climate change, and are scientifically proven to have many positive effects on people’s psychological health.


Most homeowners agree on the importance of their trees and realize that tree maintenance in the form of pruning is an important part of keeping trees healthy and happy. At Mikey’s Tree Care we value trees and always seek to see them preserved. This means that the majority of our work consists of pruning or trimming. Below are the services we offer that will help keep your trees healthy and safe.

Trees are usually pruned for safety, health, or aesthetics. Proactive pruning
will increase all these factors so if your tree hasn’t been pruned for some
time, it’s a good idea to call and have it inspected and pruned. Pruning
includes removing deadwood that could fall and cause damage, removing crossing or conflicting branches, and removing any branches that could conflict with wires, windows, roofs, etc.
Correct and consistent pruning will improve the shape and health of your tree, prolong its life, reduce the hazard posed by falling branches, and help
drastically reduce the potential for damage in the case of a storm. For a
consultation and estimate,please contact us.

Trees are not natural to the urban environment and there are many reasons why a tree’s health might struggle or deteriorate in the city. If you’re concerned with the health of your tree, you can contact Mikey’s Tree Care. We can send an arborist out to determine what could be done to help improve the health of your tree, tell you if the tree poses any risk to the people or property, and determine the best course of action. Please contact us to arrange an assessment.

There are certain situations when preserving a tree is not possible and it
must be removed. This can be because it has died, it has been damaged in a storm, or it has become a liability and poses a risk to people and/or property. If this is the case, as qualified arborists, we will determine how to safely remove the tree. Safety is always our number one priority. Training, knowledge, and experience mean we can safely remove your tree and not cause any damage to your property. We are fully insured with $2 million in commercial liability insurance in the unlikely event that something is damaged. We can remove all the material or leave you with firewood and we will always leave your property clean when we have finished. For a consultation and estimate, please contact us.

Urban soil varies greatly from the soils typically found in forests and can
sometimes result in the negative health of certain trees or shrubs. It’s easy to forget about the importance of root structure and their interaction with the soil because we don’t usually see them. Fertilization can be a helpful tool to increase the nutrients to which a tree or shrub has access. At Mikey’s Tree Care, we offer deep root fertilization which reaches the roots of trees and shrubs instead of being absorbed by the plants or soil on the surface. For more information please contact us.

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